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Gay domination sex in locker room

Gay domination sex in locker room


Suited stock-broker Master Peter is about to get changed into his gym gear ready for football practice when swim coach Master Terrance comes into the locker room, his bladder full to bursting with piss that he’s been holding in for nearly an hour during his last coaching session.

Peter being the nasty bastard that he is gets Terrance to use meek bottom aussie, who’s crawling around the locker room floor like a dog, as his urinal.

After making aussie slurp up any spilt piss the Tops proceed to deep throat fuck him causing him to gag and choke. What a shit cock sucker he turns out to be, not that it stops them getting their humiliating fun at his expense. Holding his mouth open Master Terrance dumps a load of cum in his throat…


Gay boy caged,abused and fucked

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Back in the Tops gym, a naked ginger finds himself kneeling with his wrists tightly bound by course ropes, his nipples constantly tormented between the teeth of vicious chain-linked clamps.

Master Chris’s unclothed arse crack is positioned over ginger’s face so his lapping tongue can fully service the Top’s ripe shithole. Dave ensures the bottoms slavering tongue reaches its destination by pushing his crotch hard against the back of gingers head.

Chris cruelly rips the nipple clamps off without warning and as ginger sits stunned, Dave’s well placed army boot pushes him hard in the face making him fall back onto the floor ready for a good fucking at both ends….

Gay domination action in the locker room

gay action in the locker room

Master Peter is getting changed into his football kit for a practice session. Short on time, Peter decides to use aussie’s mouth as his personal shower, ordering aussie to clean his very sweaty pits which have been confined in his business suit all day.

An eager aussie goes straight to work, his slutty slurping mouth and tongue laps at the forest of hair under each of Master Peter’s arms, sucking the hairs into his mouth to glean every drop of Master’s sweat off of them until they are pristine and clean again.

Peter sits down on aussie’s face so his tongue can get right up into the Top’s pungent arse hole. Now Peter can change into his football kit ready for the practice…


Gay cum facials and COCK CHASTITY

Gay cum facials

With his cock and balls safely tucked away in a steel chastity collar there is simply no way for Tattoo to get hard and release his full tormented balls. The perfect situation for 2 nasty tops to have plenty of fun at a bottom’s expense.

First Master Chris takes out his telescopic police baton and shoves it up the bottom’s arse. As the cop fucks the bottom with a steady rhythm enter Master Maurice with a hard cock that just needs to be sucked.

Master Mo is enjoying his cock being serviced so much he is in a good mood for once! So much so that he allows Tattoo the cherished pleasure of sniffing the top’s anus. For this he receives the best reward going so Mo deposits a delicious load of cum into Tattoo’s mouth….

gay abusive and domination

Domination submission gay army instructor

Domination submission gay army instructor

Mike and Maurice are straight from the army’s physical training regiment so when Tattoo needs to get fit they are THE tops for the job. He will be trained by the best, the downside is they do not suffer fools, or pathetic out of shape bottoms, lightly.

After ordering him to strip naked the bottom receives some nasty, but honest, verbal humiliation. Then it’s a very demanding work out. Every exercise is hell but the tops intersperse the unpleasantness with some lovely rewards! Such as sniffing the Masters’ crotches or kissing their exposed cocks on completing sit-ups.

Finally he earns himself a roasting. Master Mo plunges straight in, fucking the bottom hard. Crushed against the bench Mo fucks him deep and fast without the slightest regard for the bottom’s comfort…

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Gay domination piss training

Gay domination piss training

Master Terrance grips the slutty sub’s arse cheeks in his manly hands, wrenching them apart then gobbing a full load of Master’s spit into the open crack to lube his way. Terrance has a big cock and takes great pleasure burying the full length of it in a sub’s hole, delighting in their moans and struggles as he pumps in and out of their arse as hard as he can….

As Master Peter nears his orgasm he orders the sub to lie on his back so he can spunk in his mouth. With aussie’s face only inches away, Peter rains down several large spurts of cum over the bottom’s open mouth, coating his face with his Master’s jizz. Aussie sucks eagerly at the tip of Master Peter’s spent cock, draining the last few drops of sperm from it before licking up the dribbles fed to him on Peter’s fingers….

Army bullies clipper torment

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Master Dave strides into the public toilet in full military bully mode & wastes no time intimidating the frightened sub. ginger is going to have the pleasure of shaving Dave’s hair today.

Master Mo then decides to cut the sub’s hair with the clippers cutting off clumps of hair down to the scalp randomly, making ginger look like a dickhead. The brutal tops cough loads of gob over the bottom’s miserable face and attach what was ginger’s head hair to his face making comedy moustaches and eyebrows. Every one in the toilet laughs at him.

ginger might think that his ordeal is almost over until another lusty cottager enters the toilet. Ginger is allowed to wash the bits of his hair off…in a hot piss-stream from the new customer as Mo adds spit conditioner…


Gay bondage and domination. Young gay slut dog training

gay bondage and domination

It’s about time college boi was trained as the little doggy he knows he is. Maurice brandishes a vicious looking strap and makes sure that boi pays attention. The naked lad has to get on all fours as Jon gobs a big dollop of saliva onto the largest dog-tail butt plug ever, before shoving the humiliating appliance up boi’s aching arsehole for his tail.

After a game of ‘fetch’ he is ordered to roll on his back and play dead; college boi may think he is in for a rest, but the two brutes drop their shorts, cock their legs up and piss on the poor cunt’s face.

The ungrateful sub can’t swallow all the piss and some of it spills onto the Masters’ feet. Now he has to lick all the piss off their handsome bare toes and off the dildo…


Stud pimped out and punished

Master Daryl is a typical East-End entrepreneur & today he has decided to sell college boi to Russian pimps for whoring out. First he wants to check that boi is good enough so instructs him to perform an embarrassing, totally nude, lap dance.

Daryl gives boi a taste of what to expect by whacking him with the riding crop as he attempts to writhe around sexily.

Next boi is instructed to act as a waiter, fetching beer for his Masters, who drink and gob it out over and over again into boi’s face. Streaked with spit boi is kicked in the side and ordered to go and bring food for the punters. He returns shortly with donoughts and dishes of custard. The tops chew the donoughts but instead of swallowing prefer to gob the filthy mixture all over the bottom’s face…

Toilet slave gay male humilation, gay rimming, ball licking

toilet slave gay male

There’s no point being dominated in a public toilet unless you can be completely degraded so Master Dave takes ginger over to the stalls for some proper toilet humiliation. One of the filthy cottagers decides to go for a relaxing shit, and Dave makes ginger plant his face right between the guy’s legs so that he can smell all the man’s bodily smells.

Ginger breathes in lungs full of arse odour but when he goes to snatch another breath it just gets worse! At least his head is nestled right between a guy’s thighs, the naked cock and balls resting by his forehead. Lucky bottom! But it gets better. Dave makes him lick the dirty toilet seat with the man’s naked arse still sat on it.

We don’t know what it is he’s licking up…but it is BROWN.